Bedtime in the Public Domain

Reading books from the public domain, one chapter at a time.

It's the next Monday morning, and promises are made, some of which are kept.

The kids cope with missing out on the pantomime, and Judy and Pip get a chance to go to the Aquarium. How can they do that and watch the General at the same time?

Punishment is decided for the rudeness of chapter 2, and the children try to change their father's mind.

The tea continues, and the children decide they'd rather eat what their parents are eating.

In this first chapter, we are introduced to the seven Woolcot children and their parents.

Announcing book 12

The title of book 12, and why it was selected.

Jules Verne's classic adventure story in its complete audiobook version. 

If the bet was lost on arrival in London, how could it also have been won?

The members of the Reform Club await the fated hour.

Fogg, Passepartout, and Auoda return to the home on Saville Row.

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