Bedtime in the Public Domain

Reading books from the public domain, one chapter at a time.

Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield are out for another walk when they encounter Dr. Jekyll, after a fashion.

Dr. Jekyll gets ill again, refusing to see Utterson, who has a very disturbing visit with Dr. Lanyon as a result.

Mr. Utterson confronts Dr. Jekyll about Mr. Hyde once more.

Mr. Carew asks Mr. Hyde for directions to the post office, and Mr. Hyde kills him for his trouble.

Mr. Utterson has the opportunity to discuss the matter of Hyde with Dr. Jekyll.

Mr. Utterson determines to locate and meet Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Utterson hears a very concerning story from his kinsman, Mr. Enfield.

Announcing Book 13

Announcing book 13: <em>The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde</em> by Robert Louis Stevenson

The entire children's classic in one file.

Chapter 22: And Last

The ramifications of recent events are fully felt.

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